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The latest general release of MOMI Software may be downloaded using the links below.

MOMI Version
MOMI Software

Size: 514,834,432 bytes
MD5: EDD9B21747B79237E1E87150213BD01D
Previous Versions Updates

MSI is a standard Microsoft Installer package that supports multiple capabilities such as creating a new MOMI installation, update an existing installation, copy MOMI software to the NonStop System, and copy MOMI software to a shared server location. 

When used with a trial password users may evaluate the full features of MOMI. When used without a password, MOMI operates in a limited or mini-MOMI mode.

ReadMe, a good place to start for new users, provides installation details, updates, fixes and other general information.

History contains a collection of ReadMe's for the current and prior software release of updates and fixes.

Help links to documentation in various formats (MS Word DOC, browser based HTML5, and PDF).

Previous Versions links to a page of prior releases of MOMI software.

 Updates links to a directory with of intermediate release patches (if available).


MOMI download and its internal executables are digitally signed with a Name of signer as BlackWood Systems, Inc.

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